Equity Market Update

Quick Update

  • Equity market valuations are broadly reasonable adjusted for the cyclical low in earnings and potential for revival going forward.


  • We remain bullish on equities from a medium to long term perspective.


  • Investors are suggested to have their asset allocation plan based on one’s risk appetite and future goals in life.


Equity markets sentiment weakened in August after touching historic highs in July as global risk-off and local factors impacted markets. The Nifty Index was down 1.6 percent in the month of August, while S&P Midcap Index was marginally up by 0.98 percent.

A key event for the month was the systematic crackdown on shell companies (which have no active business operations or assets) and is perhaps one of the most tangible offshoots of demonetisation drive, which aimed to hit tax evasion and move India toward cashless, digital transactions that leave a paper trail. Sebi ordered stock exchanges to effectively freeze trading in 162 companies. These companies are part of longer list of 331 suspected shell companies provided by Sebi. While this impacted market sentiment especially in the midcap space, this is a long term positive in the overall efforts by the government to reduce corruption and black money laundering.

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Data as on 31st August 2017. Source of data: Bloomberg, ACEMF

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